Things That Make Challenge Coins so Special

Challenge coins are made for every branch of the military and some other organizations too. They're utilized by the Army, Navy, Air Force, the Marines and Coast Guard. Since their origin, the coins have been used in various ways.

There's a belief that challenge coins originated during the World War I with the Army Air Squadron. They are used as a symbol of bravery and to show a purpose. Originally, the coins were utilized for brotherhood among the service men but today, they can be used for pretty much anything.

Many collectors, fire departments and Departments of Defense purchase challenge coins. Plenty of organizations give them to individuals to show that you're a member. The fire departments, medical providers as well as other fields give their members these coins to indicate how much they appreciate their services. You'll see lots of ambulatory service people, nurses and physicians having these coins. Additionally, they're frequently purchased by coin collectors who either just collect or sell them.

Some family members of service related organizations may also wear the challenge coin in form of necklaces or other type of jewelry as a symbol of pride and honor. It indicates that they keep their family members close to their hearts, especially if they are waiting for their return after their deployment. To get more tips on how to choose the best challenge coin, visit

If you would like to collect these challenge coins, it is best to show them off in a display case. Plenty of folks who collect them from various military or service-related organizations tend to hold onto them for years. They'll then pass them on to the next generations in their families. The members of families can get a chance to learn more about the history and pride of those service organizations.

What a military member feels when receiving one of the challenge coins is indescribable. These coins possess a great deal of significance to them and they hold them dear. They come with immeasurable feeling of pride and honor. So, do not feel surprised if you see a service man in your family showing off their coin.

Regardless of what or how you use these Custom Challenge Coins, just keep holding onto them. They are so special and have so much history and significance. Additionally, these challenge coins are beautiful in an exceptional way. They maintain the essence of every organization with their details, colors and lettering. Holding onto them will also help in sharing history with the future generations.

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